Southwest Virginia HUB for Women’s Rights

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

Women's Rights

The Peace Pentagon serves as a HUB for Women’s Rights news and events in Southwest Virginia. We participate with a variety of local, regional, and national groups, including: Planned Parenthood, ERA Coalition, Women’s March, ReproRising, Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance, Network NOVA, and abortion action funds.

Women’s March of Southwest Virginia

By Organizing Locally, We Win Nationally!

The Peace Pentagon hosts the “WOMEN-2-WOMEN” Circle in Southwest Virginia. W2W Circles are local Women’s March groups that take action at the local level, which are then scaled statewide and nationally. Our circle builds local relationships, resilience, and readiness – an “Army of Activists” – equipped to meet the moment and execute a feminist movement for equity and justice.

Women of Faith & Fury

In Grayson County, Virginia and beyond …

Grayson County Abortion Rights

The Peace Pentagon led the charge to protect Reproductive Rights in our rural county, which was under attack by the Federalist Society and Texas Right to Life. ABORTION IS LEGAL IN VIRGINIA. But local evangelical churches were supporting an Ordinance that would: (i) Declare Grayson County an “Unborn Sanctuary”; (ii) Criminalize the receipt of abortion medication through the mail; and (iii) Penalize (fine and/or jail) anyone who assists in this care.

The proposed Ordinance was a blatant violation of Virginia law. The Virginia Constitution and Virginia Act for Religious Freedom firmly declare that religious extremism has no place in politics. The Ordinance created confusion regarding reproductive healthcare in Virginia, and it jeopardized the well-being of county residents, including patients and families seeking critical care.

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