The Valley of Light: A Community for Cultural Creatives

  • Jay Hurley Oversees Install of Campus Lights and Signs
  • Music Making at 100 Shovels Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • Mimi in the Garden - 2010
  • Mimi in the Garden - 2016
  • Pat Paints a Mural on the Spring House
  • Mimi at Work on Spring House Pond
  • Amy, Katie, Laura, and BJ take a Break on Spring House Pond
  • Katie Staining  Pavillion Siding
  • BJ on Pavillion Carpentry Duty
  • Gary Ball Building Rustic Privy for Campground
  • Chris & Scottie Painting Medicine Wheel
  • 2017 Women's Retreat Gathers at Medicine Wheel
  • Turtle Labrynth Head Shot!
  • Katie, Jim, Joan, Donna placing Stones on the Turtle Labyrinth
  • Turtle Labrynth Builders Take a Break
  • Daniel, Steve and Dod Construct Turtle Labyrinth Retaining Wall
  • Laura and Noel Laying Stones
  • Gary placing BIG Stones
  • Laura George Celebrates the Labyrinth
  • Venus Takes the High Ground
  • Venus Provides Moral Support as Jay Wires Lighting
  • Jay Hurley Custom Fashions Window Rims for Peace Pentagon Stained Windows
  • The Results of Jay's Handiwork Installed
  • Jay and BJ Install the Crow Window
  • Calvin, Maria, Amy at the Rental House
  • Katie and Eric at the Rental House (now wrapped!)
  • BJ, Chris & Cleo Inspect the Peace Pentagon Bell
  • Eric Creates Peace Pentagon Landscape
  • Laura and Mimi Rocking Out!
  • More Rocking...
  • Venus and Peace Pentagon Rocked Exterior

In 2018, Oracle launched the Valley of Light micro-community near the small town of Independence, Virginia. Our teaching campus is located along the New River in the Virginia Highlands.

In this pristine setting, our community members pursue projects of regional, national, and global importance. Together, we’re creating an inspirational atmosphere that brings out the best in ourselves and each other.

Oracle believes the key to humanity’s future is community-based living, founded upon the principles of sustainability, interconnectedness, compassion, personal freedom, and an elevated state of spiritual awareness

Philip Hellmich - Shift Network Director of Peace
on location at the Peace Pentagon


Calling All Thought Leaders...

The Valley of Light is actively recruiting Cultural Creatives – individuals who are courageous, balanced, financially sound, and at the cutting edge of their fields of interest. VOL Members know what’s happening in the world, comprehend the gravity of the global situation, and want to help chart a new course for humanity.

Our auspicious goal is to develop a “Full-Spectrum” community similar to the Federation of Damanhur in Italy. We therefore are seeking thought-leaders in each Sector of Society.

At present, VOL has the capacity to house a dozen members. We also have building pads for tiny houses and new residential construction. The Peace Pentagon (half-way built) serves as our Community Center and the headquarters for The Oracle Institute, which is the educational charity at the heart of our teaching campus.

Interested in Building a Model Community?

If you want to co-create an intentional community that is dedicated to modeling and building a new world, join us! To learn more about the Valley of Light, please visit our VOL Community page at The Oracle Institute website.