Our Partners & Affiliates

The Peace Pentagon is proud to collaborate with the following organizations.          
Our mission is to operate as a physical and virtual HUB for a diverse offering of progressive and pluralistic programs.

Earth Constitution logoThe Peace Pentagon is the U.S. headquarters for the Earth Constitution Institute, a global organization that promotes human rights, environment protection, the end of all wars, and the elimination of poverty through democratic world government.
EARTHwise Centre logoEARTHwise Centre operates as a worldwide educational, training, research, and leadership center for developing the necessary capacities, systems, and governance for a planetary civilization. They also steward the EARTHwise Constitution.
Kinship Earth logoKinship Earth is a global network of inspired leaders and activists who are playing the “world game” via advanced networks of non-profits, changemakers, sustainability experts, visionary philanthropists, healers and lightworkers, peace and policy makers, green business leaders, indigenous wisdom keepers, and cultural creatives.
World Beyond War logoThe Peace Pentagon serves as a chapter of World Beyond War, a global movement to abolish the institution of war itself, not just the “war of the day.”
Action Network logoThe Peace Pentagon is part of the Action Network, and we use this platform to both post and amplify social justice campaigns. To support and join our causes, visit the Peace Pentagon group page at Action Network.
Peace Alliance logoThe Peace Alliance is an alliance of organizers and advocates taking the work of peacebuilding from the margins of society into the center of national discourse and policy priorities. The Peace Pentagon works on Department of Peacebuilding bill, H.R. 1111 and other action events sponsored by The Peace Alliance.
McCollum Foundation logoThe McCollum Foundation is dedicated to creating world peace on a universal scale by promoting a meta-narrative which establishes everyone and everything as equally sacred and essential.
Womens March logoFrom the first Women’s March in Washington in 2017, through the early Huddle days of Women’s March, to the Women2Women Circles, we have been a proud partner and participant in Women’s March action events.
URI logoWe are honored to be a Cooperation Circle for United Religions Initiative, a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world.
Symphonics logoSymphonics is a group of leading-edge co-creation specialists, providing planetary-scale innovations to support the quantum leap out of competitive silos into a unitive ecosystem of expansion and superabundance.
Evolutionary Leaders logoFounder and Executive Director Rev. Laura George, J.D. is honored to be listed among the Evolutionary Leaders, a group of thought leaders from diverse disciplines who come together in synergy to help support a shift in consciousness.
Holomovement logoThe Holomovement is a project of the Evolutionary Leaders, Source of Synergy Foundation, and Purpose Earth. It is a global movement based on the legacy of physicist David Bohm that promotes a new story for a new paradigm: the merger of science and spirituality.