Nancy Graham

Nancy Graham

Nancy Graham is a native of Southwest Virginia. Growing up on a dairy farm in Lee County, she developed a reverence and deep respect for nature from birth while growing up with her family and living in the old ways of farming and caring for the earth. No matter how far away she traveled, she would always return to the mountains of Appalachia. Her favorite past times are hiking, biking, camping, river rafting and all things outdoors. Her favorite and beloved past time is world travel.

A mystic at heart, Nancy’s travels took her deep into lands of origin of ancient, esoteric, spiritual wisdom teachings. The teachers she chose along this path had a profound influence on her own life, demonstrating examples of the wisdom teachings through direct experience and thus became her lifelong mentors, one most notable being a Vedic Energy Master whose mission is to cultivate the mastery in every human seeking alignment with the spiritual self.

In her late forties, Nancy left the field of public health and earned a license to practice massage therapy and bodywork in the state of Virginia and began serving the people in her community as one of the first practicing therapists in the area. For the next eighteen years, she practiced out of her home in Tazewell, VA.

Upon learning of The Oracle Institute and Valley of Light in Independence, VA, Nancy chose to locate to that area to continue her chosen path of service to community and developing conscious evolution for herself and humanity.