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Peacebuilding & Relations
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Learning & Education
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Health & Wellness
EVERYONE, you especially, can be a Peace Ambassador. Model how peace looks in our every thought, word and deed! Participate in the PeaceImagined/ Lab, a grassroots group of common people changing the world sometimes by simply one smile at a time. See to contribute your expertise, find new ideas. You may wish to practice the PeaceMaker Meditation, here's a 15 minute video on the easy, psychosomatic, spiritual practice: Peace In Everything, Everything With Peace. will reverberate throughout your day… making it the focus and bringing more peace to you and ‘others.’ Groups are forming together or through teleconference to bring more Peace to our home planet. Together we fly more easily ~ like the two wings of a bird…   The Peace LAB practices/programs dramatically reduces violence, recidivism, and wars… We get what we focus upon. Let's share our ideas and expertise. Have a magical day creating the Grandest Version of Your Greatest Vision! Blessings abound when You’re around.  Kurt  Please also connect yourself and your work with The Global Regeneration Corps~ It is a platform to bring ALL CARING and HELPFUL people’s around the world together in the work we’re here to do. Then see what you can do with the Peace Labs vision: Peace In Everything, Everything With Peace. Explore If you like volunteer some time each week.
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11923 West Trail
Kagel Canyon, CA 91342
United States
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Success Systems International
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