Get Involved and Help Build the New World!

If you resonate with the Peace Pentagon, we want to meet you! There are numerous ways you can become involved with projects at the Peace Pentagon and support our work.

1. Join the Peace Pentagon HUB:

Register yourself and/or your organization to be a HUB Member. Then, you can network with other HUB Members and share your events on the HUB platform. By joining the HUB, you will help grow this progressive network and build a better world!

2. Attend an Event at the Peace Pentagon:

Join us at the Peace Pentagon for a class, retreat, or other event. In addition to the events listed under the Peace Pentagon dropdown, you can see the full lineup of Oracle Institute classes and workshops here. And you can see our Spiritualty Salon calendar here. After you visit, let us know what you thought of your experience at Oracle Campus. Then invite your friends, help promote sacred activism, and extend the reach of Peace Pentagon social media.

3. Volunteer at the HUB:

The HUB is maintained by Peace Pentagon Volunteers from all over the country. Whether you’re a thought leader or a new student of a particular Sector of Society, we invite you to help cure content for this site and grow the HUB network of social progressives and sacred activists. For more information on how to support the Peace Pentagon Mission, contact:

4. Volunteer at The Oracle Institute:

Having your assistance for a few hours every now and then would be fantastic! Oracle Institute Volunteers help beautify our campus, expand programming, plan and manage events, and provide needed expertise. So join us for a regular work day, share a special skill, or volunteer remotely. For more information on how to support the Oracle Mission, contact:

5. Donate:

Every little bit helps, so whether you can afford a small donation now or a monthly contribution, we appreciate your support. And your donations are tax-deductible!

6. Join our Community:

If you’re interested in community, check out the Valley of Light. VOL is unique because our goal is to build a “full-spectrum” village like the Federation of Damanhur in Italy. VOL Members know what’s happening in the world, comprehend the gravity of the global situation, and want to help chart a new course for humanity. You can join our micro-community as a: (i) Resident Member and live at Oracle Campus with other Cultural Creatives; (ii) Non-Resident Member and live anywhere in the world; or (iii) financial Supporter and receive discounts on Peace Pentagon and Oracle events and products. For more information on the Valley of Light, contact: