Founding Mothers Movement

For Planetary Partnership and Peace

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We are a women-led movement determined to transition humanity from Patriarchy to Partnership.
We pledge to shift the paradigm by empowering Women, protecting Children, and ending War.
And we’re building a global coalition that is powerful enough to demand revolutionary change.

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The Founding Mothers Movement was conceived at the Peace Pentagon and it launched on July 5, 2024.

Women from around the world co-created a two-year strategic plan to shift the paradigm. Our sacred mission is to build a world that works for ALL.

We’re amassing a global coalition of World Citizens and nonprofit Partners who understand that the natural trajectory of life on Earth has been hijacked and corrupted by men of greed and power.

In this launch video, we explain that the Founding Fathers of every nation got us to where we are today. The Founding Mothers intend elevate their vision and anchor freedom and justice for ALL.

Princess Leia

The Peace Pentagon has been mapping and tracking the growing network of authoritarians who are doubling-down on Patriarchy and Theocracy.

For example, Project 2025 is a dystopian plan endorsed by over 100 Alt-Right think tanks that would gut the U.S. government and make the presidency a dictatorship. The Christian Nationalist movement is yet another threat to American values and the global community.

To counteract this assault on women, democracy, religious freedom and our precious planet, the Founding Mothers also are preparing for 2025. Our Strategic Plan calls for a series of escalating, nonviolent Campaigns starting New Years Day 2025.

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Join the Founding Mothers Women’s Congress

And help craft the Founding Mothers Manifesto!

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Liberty Ladies

The Mother’s Day Proclamation was a demand for peace and a call for a Congress of Women, written by suffragette Julia Ward Howe after the American Civil War. Women around the world responded, and in 1878 the first International Congress of Women was convened in Paris.

Our strategic plan reimagines the global Women’s Congress. If you are a female leader, we invite you to participate. We expect THOUSANDS of Delegates gathering monthly to collaborate, coordinate, and implement the Founding Mothers Movement strategic plan.

Yes, this is super ambitious. But the polycrisis requires us to think BIG and we CAN do this. Technology makes it possible for us to gather virtually. Let’s shift the paradigm!

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