Valley of Light: An Incubator for Cultural Creatives

Community Goat

In 2018, Oracle launched the Valley of Light community (“VOL”) near the small town of Independence, Virginia. Our 22-acre campus is located along the New River – the oldest river in the Western Hemisphere – in a region of the Blue Ridge Mountains called the “Virginia Highlands.”

In this pristine setting, our community members have co-created an ashram environment in which study, service, and spiritual practice are prized. We offer Five Paths in our community, so that all passions and talents may be pursued.

We are a multi-generational community, ranging in age from 2 to 80 years old. Together, we’re creating an inspirational atmosphere that brings out the best in ourselves and our community members.

Laura and Violet

A Full-Spectrum Eco-Village

Our auspicious goal is to develop a Full-Spectrum eco-village comprised of farmers, artists, scientists, social architects, and spiritual activists. We therefore are seeking thought-leaders in every Sectors of Society:

Wheel of Co-Creation
  1. Learning & Education: progressive education and ecological literacy
  2. Communications & Media: multi-media and social networking
  3. Art & Culture: music, fine arts, and the performing arts
  4. Economics & Business: alternate currencies, cooperative businesses, and living wages
  5. Peacebuilding & Relations: conflict mediation, gender and race relations, and intercultural dialogue
  6. Justice & Governance: Earth federation and community/regional representation
  7. Health & Wellness: traditional and integrative holistic practices
  8. Food, Water & Environment: organic gardening, water preservation, and wildlife protection
  9. Infrastructure & Resources: renewable energy, green building, and affordable small houses
  10. Science & Technology: safe, clean, and socially responsible technologies
  11. Spirituality & Religion: multi-faith dialogue, spiritual study and conscious evolution

Interested in Building a Model Community?

If you are looking for a high energy, purpose-driven community, please check out our Community Principles to see if you’re a good fit. 

For more information about the Valley of Light community, please contact: