The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet
Earth Constitution Solution

“The human race will cease to exist unless a world government capable of enforcing world law is established by peaceful means....The choice is indeed between one world or none.”
~ Albert Einstein
Unite as One Planet or Perish

This is the choice humanity faces as we witness unprecedented crises: ecosystem collapse, wildlife extinction, global pandemics, economic inequality, terrorism, endless war and cultural devastation. What will it take to substantively redeem ourselves and transform our world into one where peace, justice, and sustainability are planetary principles?
Designed for a Living Planet confronts our perilous future head-on with a comprehensive solution that works for all. It exposes the fundamental flaws and corruption of the New World Order and Great Reset proposed by the World Economic Forum—fractured, neoliberal globalization plans that would divide us and exploit our precious planet.

It’s time to protect and celebrate the “Common Wealth of Earth.” The Earth Constitution is a holistic and unifying document outlining a practical, concrete plan for federating Earth that can be studied and implemented by the people of Earth. This book promotes five fundamental steps to ensure our survival by integrating themes of cosmic evolution, scientific holism, climate science, sustainable economics, moral growth, and spiritual transcendence.
For centuries, such a plan has been percolating in the greatest minds of human history, and portions of this vision have been attempted. For example, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are commendable, but they cannot be achieved under the current system of sovereign, lawless nation-states that answer to no higher, global authority.
Creativity Overcomes Crises
The Earth Constitution saves what works at the United Nations and integrates it into a comprehensive framework that takes us from a fragmented war-system to a unified system founded on global democracy. The result is a realistic and inclusive roadmap that charts a glorious future for us and our living planet.
Peace Pentagon Press / Oracle Institute Press (June 1, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1-937465-28-5
Paperback: $19.95 (342 pages)
eBook: $9.99
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Glen T. Martin, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Radford University in Virginia, USA. He is President of the International Philosophers for Peace, Executive Director of the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI), and President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA). ECI and WCPA are cooperating worldwide organizations that sponsor the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and organize sessions of the Provisional World Parliament. Dr. Martin travels and lectures worldwide on behalf of the Earth Constitution, the philosophical foundations of emerging world law, and the development of a binding world court system.
Dr. Martin was in college during the 1960s when the U.S. government was drafting young people into its imperial military machine. He declared himself a conscientious objector and refused to enter any organization dedicated to war, which he considers to be just another form of murder. Dr. Martin has long been a critic and resister of the dominant world system of militarized sovereign nation-states integrated with growth-based, exploitive capitalism. Instead, he has philosophically developed an alternative world federalist vision of planetary peace and justice based on the Earth Constitution.
Dr. Martin has received several international peace awards, including the Gusi Peace Prize International in Manila, Philippines (2013). He has published hundreds of articles concerning freedom, peace, justice, human rights, and sustainability in popular as well as academic venues, and he is the author or editor of a dozen books.

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Dr. Martin is an esteemed and well-informed academic and professional scholar with a passion for preserving the future of humanity and protecting our precious planet. He is available to present lectures, keynotes, curriculum, and interviews on the topics listed below. While the subject matter is multi-faceted and far-reaching, Dr. Martin’s accessible, warm style conveys complex concepts in a clear manner that leaves his audience inspired and with a deep sense of hope for our collective future.

A Global War-system vs. a Peace-system
Climate Crisis, Sustainability and the Earth Constitution
Global Justice, Human Rights and the Earth Constitution

Join Dr. Martin as he engages in dialogue with other thought leaders to discuss this critical juncture in human history and how we, as a diverse yet cooperative species, are consciously choosing a new paradigm of holism and making collective decisions that move us forward into a better future.

A sampling of topics that Dr. Martin speaks on related to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth:
World Systems Theory and World Citizenship
Holism, Hierarchy, and the CFE
Democratic Theory and Freedom
Economics and Capitalism
Ethics, Morality and Social Contract Theory
Love, Compassion, Kindness and Nonviolence
Human Spirituality, Religion and Mysticism
Western philosophy from Plato to the Present
Education and the CFE
Ecological Principles and the CFE
Sampling of Dr. Martin’s podcast sessions:
World Systems and Our Common Human Future: Dialogue with Dr. Ervin Laszlo, founder of the Club of Rome and the Club of Budapest.
Replacing the UN Charter with the Earth Constitution: Dialogue with Dr. Roger Kotila, President of the Democratic World Federalists
Empowering Global Solutions: Dialogue with Dr. Bob Flax, President of Citizens for Global Solutions
Black Lives Matter Everywhere: Dialogue with Felix Pointer, Board Member of Democratic World Federalists
Bringing Diverse Constituencies Together for Social Change, Dialogue with Vernita Pearl Fort, DWF Board Member and international activist
Globalization Studies, Climate Crisis and Our Common Human Future: Dialogue with Alexander Chumakov, Professor of Philosophy and Editor of the Journal of Globalization Studies, Moscow, RussiaD
Islam and Global Crisis, Dialogue with Dr. Rashid Shaz, author and major Islamic thinker whose most recent book is Islam: Another Chance? A Rashid Shaz Reader.
The Time is Right for Earth Federation: Dialogue with Arthur Kanegis, film producer, writer, activist.
Environmental Activism and the USA Green Party:  Dialogue with Dr. B. Sidney Smith, mathematician, General Secretary of the Green Party of Virginia.

Planetary Crisis and the Future of Islam: Dialogue of Dr. Halo-N of Malaysia.
Crisis and the Rule of Law: Dialogue with David Gallup, J.D., what is the role of law in creating a world of peace, justice, and sustainability?
Spiritual Crisis and Spiritual Growth: Dialogue with Rev. Laura George, J.D., Executive Director of the Oracle Institute and author of books entitled The Love and The Truth.

Q. What is the main message of the book Designed for a Living Planet?
A. That we must recognize and integrate the reality that Earth and all her inhabitants are parts within a whole living planet. The book examines the nexus between climate science, sustainable economics and conscious evolution as understood by cutting-edge scientists and sociologists. It also addresses theoretical possibilities for human growth and transformation, and a paradigm shift from fragmentation to holism. It stresses that adopting Systems Theory is critical to our survival and the flourishing of Earth's ecosystems. 
Q. What is required to make this shift to holism?
A. Top environmentalists and sustainable economists agree: We need a well-designed plan for Earth to track where we are and where we need to go. The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals will not get us there because they can’t be achieved under the current system of sovereign, lawless nation-states.
Q. Why do we need an Earth Constitution?
A. We need a comprehensive, sustainable, and regenerative design in order to survive and flourish beyond the present century. The Earth Constitution recognizes that the necessary transformation requires institutional, economic, political, psychological, and spiritual change. The ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth is the key step to this higher level of existence and wisdom.
Q. What is the Earth Constitution, exactly?
A. It is a holistic and unifying document that enables us to adopt a planetary consciousness as World Citizens, thereby effectively solving global problems. It will help us empower the people of Earth to democratically elect a World Parliament comprised of people from 1,000 world districts.
Q. What is the Earth Federation Movement?
A. This movement started after World War I and World War II. It is the same movement that helped create the United Nations. However, after the U.N. added the undemocratic Security Council, which gives veto power to just five nations, the Earth Federation Movement once more organized. Today, the movement is growing because people understand that global problems like climate change, injustice, and inequality cannot be solved at a national level.
Q. When was the Earth Constitution first conceptualized?
A. After World War II, an esteemed group of scholars and jurists designed the Earth Constitution as a holistic solution for the global crises we face: climate change, war, inequality, and injustice. The United Nations tries, but it cannot solve these crises. The Earth Constitution offers a solution that works for all.
Q. How and when did the idea of nation-states develop?
A. In 1648, the Peace Treaty of Westphalia established our current system of sovereign nation-states that allows countries to ignore international law and exploit people and planetary resources within their borders. Thus, Brazil has the “right” to destroy the Amazon Forest – the “lungs of Earth.”
Q. How does COVID-19 play into this?
A. The book is not about epidemiology, nor biological weapons research, nor the current international chaos induced by the present global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. However, these phenomena underscore why we need a binding federation of nations when global difficulties arise. The pandemic also shows why humanity must adopt universal ethics if we wish to create a regenerative world.
Q. So the crisis we’re experiencing with the global pandemic parallels the ideas in this book?
A. Yes. The range of issues that the pandemic raises bear a striking similarity to the issues surrounding the climate crisis and global problems such as war and wealth inequality. While the world likely will recover from this virus, the threat of climate change and the growing threat of nuclear war from a renewed nuclear arms race are far more serious because we cannot recover from either climate collapse or nuclear war.
Q. Do we have a future of Planet Earth?
A. The honest answer is “maybe.” We likely will not survive the current Sixth Great Extinction if we continue to make irrational decisions based on an antiquated reductionist worldview defined by nation-state sovereignty. In reality, our living planet is an integrated, interdependent, and holarchical system. Our future depends on accepting this reality and consciously evolving to the next phase of our collective journey.
Q. Do you offer hope to your readers?
A. Absolutely. The book shows how and why we can manifest a glorious future by integrating the serious spiritual and moral awakening required on the part of humanity.

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