BTNW 2015 - An Evolutionary Experience!

The 2015 Building the New World Conference ("BTNW") was astounding! The event took place May 28 – 31, 2015 at Radford University in Virginia, and it directly inspired the development of the Peace Pentagon HUB. The conference was based on the "Wheel of Co-Creation" and focused on the new world vision of futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, who opened the conference. Thought leaders in each of the Wheel's Sectors explained that our endangered planet needs – more than anything – a positive vision and a concrete strategy for planetary peace and sustainability.

Featured Speakers

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  • barbaramarxhubbard
  • CharlesEisenstein
  • AmyEdelstein
  • JeromeGlenn
  • revlauramgeorgejd
  • AjowaIfateyo
  • glentmartin
  • NinaMeyerhof
  • PaulChappel
  • cliffkayser
  • charlottehanes
  • Dada
  • shamaviola
  • philiphellmich
  • KurtJohnson
  • paxuscalta
  • RuthBroydeSharon
  • fredoesch
  • RicaardoeDiDone
  • Bullingtons
  • Amanda Truitt
  • Betsy Pool

BTNW Conference Highlights

Barbara Marx Hubbard Explains: Why a Wheel of Co-Creation?

Lea asks: Do You Want a New World?

Charles Eisenstein: On an Inclusive World View

Laura George: The Spectrum of Human Consciousness

Cliff Kayser: the Power of Polarity Management

Ruth Broyde Sharone and Rev. Robert Zachary: Seven Pillars Poem