Social Justice, Sacred Activism, and Global Peace

"Activism is ‘Sacred’ when it is based on our highest Principles, Values, and Virtues"

  • Pic 1 - Peace Pentagon
  • Pic 2 - Medicine Wheel Peace Ceremony
  • Pic 3 - New River & Guest House
  • Pic 4 - Peace Quilt Interfaith speakers

Educating, Empowering, and Mobilizing

"Evolution favors Freedom, Justice, Compassion, and Peace"

The Peace Pentagon is a retreat and training center located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia along the ancient New River. We are committed to pluralistic and progressive values and host educational programs that provide hope for humanity.

The Peace Pentagon also serves as a hub for planning and organizing regional, national, and global peacebuilding and social justice campaigns. Our mission is to help YOU gain the information and tools to be a better advocate for the issues that matter to YOU!

Current Call to Action!

Women of Faith & Fury: A First Amendment Movement for Female Reproductive Rights

Women of Faith and Fury

In response to the Supreme Court’s religiously motivated decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, the Peace Pentagon is forming an Interfaith Alliance of Jewish, progressive, and pagan churches. If your “religion” includes a belief in female bodily sovereignty, please join this campaign! Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Classes and Events