Sector 11: Spirituality & Religion

The Spirituality & Religion Sector focuses on the myriad sociological challenges posed by the “God Gap” – a void that is growing between Old World religions and New World belief systems. Fueling this global phenomenon are the Millennials, many of whom self-describe as atheists or “nones” (i.e., no religious tradition). The Oracle Temple at the Peace Pentagon is dedicated to Peace and Spiritual Unity among the five primary religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The Temple tenets also include esoteric teachings, hermetic principles, and indigenous wisdom traditions.

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Emerging in this Sector!

13th Celebration of Love:
World Love Project

Heartstone Retreat Center
Buena Vista, VA

4 days of presentations, concerts, labyrinth walk...
for all interests.
Explore: conscious evolution of love; embrace inter-faith awareness as a loving action - a full body musical experience to awaken & align the body's energy centers.

Date: February 9 thru 12
Cost: Love Donations

NEW United Religions
Cooperation Circle

The Oracle Institute
Independence, VA
URI Logo

URI sponsors 800 Cooperation Circles around the globe. The Oracle Institute has joined that list and we are seeking your participation in starting the Independence, VA Cooperation Circle.

Date: 4th Thursday of the month @ 6:30-8:00 pm
Cost: FREE

World Interfaith Harmony Week

Parliament of the World’s Religions
Harmony Week

Spreading harmony, tolerance, and peace among followers of all the world's faiths.

Date: First week of February
Cost: FREE

Member Events

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Empowered Women
Jun 09, 2017 to Jun 11, 2017
Women's Empowerment Workshop

All women are reflections of the Divine Feminine (though sometimes we need to be reminded of this fact). Early man honored women for their ability to create life and give birth. Indeed, early humans paid homage to the “Great Mother” – our first monotheistic deity. Over time, however, society began to dismiss and even suppress the Sacred Feminine, causing women to lose touch with their direct connection to the Divine. Now, it is time to relearn, reclaim, and rejoice in the history, mythology, power, and presence of the Goddess!

Mar 10, 2017 Oracle Oratorio at the Oracle Temple

Join us in raising our voices and our spirits at the Oracle Temple, a new church that was launched in January 2015 by The Oracle Institute for the Valley of Light micro-community and the public.

The Oracle Oratorio will be a recurring event on the second Friday of each month. We will embark on a multi-cultural vocal adventure, which will include American folk songs and diverse traditions. Familiar songs will be made new, and new songs will be made familiar.