Sector 10: Science & Technology

The Science & Technology Sector focuses on the unremitting advance of technology, which at times has exceeded the speed of Moore’s Law and now exceeds the breadth of humanity’s collective wisdom. This Sector also follows Futurists who professionally monitor developing technologies – such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence – which one day may lead to a “Trans-Human Era” and possibly a “Post-Human Era.” In this regard, the Peace Pentagon HUB aligns with the work of MIT’s Future of Life Institute founded by Stephen Hawking and other concerned scientists.

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Emerging in this Sector!

March for Science

National Mall in Washington, DC
(and hundreds of other cities)
Science not Silence!

For people who value science in their lives, staying silent is no longer an option. On Earth Day, scientists are walking out of the lab and into the streets. You are invited to join them. RSVP is requested via the website. Choose which city in which you wish to participate.

Date: April 22
Cost: FREE

Rocks from Space:
Be Grateful and a Little Afraid

Carnegie Institution for Science
Washington, DC
ROCKet Man

“Rocks” from space have had a profound influence on the evolution of Earth – from the giant impact that created the Moon, to the asteroids that killed off the dinosaurs and, more locally, created the Chesapeake Bay, to tiny grains that may have brought prebiotic molecules that helped kick start life on Earth. In this talk, Dr. Conel Alexander will review where and how meteorites and cosmic dust are collected, and what they have taught us about the origin and early evolution of our Solar System.

Date: April 27 @ 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Cost: FREE. Registration is required.

HackRVA Open House!

Richmond, VA
Richmond Hackspace

Open house is first Thursday night of each month. Come show off a project, talk nerdy, socialize, or just hang out. If you are thinking about becoming a member, come on in for the tour. All are welcome! Come for the tools, stay for the people.

Date: April 6 @ 7:00 pm
Cost: FREE

Member Events

Date(s)sort ascending What's Happening? Where?
Pachamama Aug 27, 2016 Oracle Institute: Pachamama Class

Please join us for the Pachamama Symposium: Awaking the Dreamer on Saturday, August 27, 2016. This workshop is a dynamic and uses video, personal reflection, and group activities to engage attendees as co-creators of an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling world. This transformative learning experience features insights from inspiring philosophers, scientists, community leaders, and more.