Office for the Future

The Peace Pentagon is affiliated with the Office for the Future ("OFTF"), global project to facilitate the emerging New World we collectively seek. The OFTC works with visionary people and organizations to scan, map, connect, and communicate “Golden Innovations” – breakthroughs that have been successfully implemented, serve the continued evolution of Humanity, and holistically contribute to a culture of Peace.

Structure of the Office for the Future


The OFTF contains three levels of integrated social synergy to foster inclusion at the national, regional, and local levels. At each level, the OFTF also provides Systems Theory processes and expert guidance to ensure proper integration. Some of these protocols include:

  • A governance template that utilizes Sociocracy, Spiral Dynamics, and other proven models of Synergistic Democracy to encourage participation and feedback loops within and among all three OFTF levels;
  • Educational tools and opportunities based on the Wheel of Co-Creation Process which support brainstorming and capturing emerging solutions to unprecedented world problems;
  • Virtual platforms to share critical action events and Golden Innovations - applications that have been vetted, beta-tested, implemented, and which the OFTF can confidently recommend to the public and private sectors as worthy of further development and scaling.

Elements and Function of the Office for the Future


Co-Creation Circles

Office for the Future Hubs

Office for the Future

Co-Creation Circles ("CCCs") are community level “Peace Rooms” that serve as the organic local cells of the OFTF model.

  • CCCs are grassroots engines that harness the collective intelligence, wisdom, and consciousness of a community.
  • CCCs gather at community centers, churches, and other local venues to foster the full expression of human creativity in cooperation with nature, one another, and the deeper design of evolution.
  • CCCs synergistically coordinate what’s working locally in each Sector of the Wheel to help build sustainable and resilient communities.
  • CCCs holistically co-create and converge around Golden Innovations that are beta-tested at the local level and then shared by the regional HUBs for scaling.

Office for the Future Hubs ("HUBs") serve as the regional cells of the OFTF. As such, HUBs assist both the CCCs and the OFTF.

  • HUBs scan, map, connect, and communicate local and regional activities and action events in each Sector of the Wheel.
  • HUBs support CCCs by serving as regional containers and communicators for what emerges at the community level.
  • HUBs operate multi-media websites that support the local CCCs and the national and global efforts of the OFTF.
  • HUBs may have a physical campus to offer educational workshops and conferences.
  • HUBs also may operate as a "Camp Eve" where Heads of Sectors meet, just as Heads of State meet at Camp David.
  • HUBs provide informational feedback loops in both directions – to CCCs and the OFTF.

Office for the Future ("OFTF") is a global project of national and international cells which support the emerging New World.

  • OFTF is a proposed United Nations office and cabinet-level department of all nations, and it is a recommended office for the already existing U.S. Institute of Peace or the U.S. Department of Peace proposed by former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
  • OFTF monitors and fosters planetary health via intelligence received from government agencies and regional HUBs.
  • OFTF will be staffed with scholars and experts in each Sector of the Wheel.
  • OFTC will maintain a Peace Room as sophisticated as a War Room. Instead of tracking enemies and how to defeat them, OFTF will track Golden Innovations and analyze how to synergistically scale them.