Micro-Communities & Retreat Centers

The Micro-Communities & Retreat Center Sector focuses on the people and places where the New World already exits! There are thousands of Micro-Communities around the World and 56 in Virginia – for a detailed list visit the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Those of us who already have transitioned into the New World are fortunate, and we need to help our brothers and sisters make the shift as well. In that regard, the HUB encourages its Members to visit and consider joining Micro-Communities that offer a holistic environment and opportunities for personal exploration and growth.

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Spring Silent Retreat:
Budding Potential

Buckingham, VA
Yoga chick with Potential

Spring is the season for growth and new beginnings. Use your time at Yogaville’s silent retreat to get in touch with your inner compass and create positive intentions for the year to follow. This retreat is open to both beginners and advanced yoga and meditation practitioners; instruction will be tailored to participant’s level of experience.

Date: April 20 – 23
Cost: $250

Happiness Retreat

Art of Living Retreat Center
Boone, NC
Happy Retreaters

Realize your potential and a clearer vision of who you are and who you can be. Discover your power to create a joyful, purposeful life, reduce stress, gain confidence to grow beyond limiting doubts, and more ease in interpersonal relations.

Date: April 14 – 16
Cost: $545 (includes meals, room, and tuition)

NuMundo: Discover Transformational Travel Experiences

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Take a journey through our network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers.

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