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The Peace Pentagon HUB is a non-profit project of The Oracle Institute and volunteers in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Consequently, much of the information on this site is available to the public for free as part of our peacebuilding mission. Other portions of the HUB are private however, such as access to the Member Directories and the Member Forum (explained below).

Member Events and "Golden Innovations"

Everyone is welcome to view Member Events - which are posts made by HUB Members who wish to share their events, blogs, and calls to action. Members also may post and promote "Golden Innovations" - which are evolutionary ideas and inventions which help build the New World.

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Member Directories and the Member Forum

After you join the HUB, you will have access to two Directories:

  • Directory of Individual Members
  • Directory of Organizational Members

You’ll also be able to see detailed profiles of other HUB Members:

  • Get to know your peers
  • Contact them directly regarding projects of mutual interest

And Members can sort, filter, and manipulate the HUB database:

  • You can search for peers & projects by Sector
  • You can search by region … and even area code!

The Peace Pentagon HUB also features a Member Forum:

  • To facilitate connectivity and synergy among HUB Members
  • Members can use this private dashboard to post exclusive events, coordinate calls to action, and reach out to other HUB Members.
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Calling all Visionaries


If you’re a visionary, a social progressive, or a cultural creative, then what are you waiting for? The world needs you and your brilliant ideas to meet the greatest challenges in human history.

Share your passion, your insights, your initiatives, your activities, and your action plans. Network with your peers in and around the Nation’s Capitol and co-create the New World. Then share your Golden Innovations at the Peace Pentagon HUB – we’re here to help get the word out.

Remember: The best way to predict the future is to create it …
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