Sector 6: Justice & Governance

The Justice & Governance Sector focuses on protecting the civil rights of planet Earth and all her inhabitants. Currently, there is no international body serving this critical function, since the United Nations is controlled by a Security Council of five nations with veto power over international decisions. So on a global level, this Sector seeks the Federation of Earth and adoption of the Earth Constitution, which will have authority to outlaw war and manage global climate change. On national and regional levels, this Sector promotes the free and responsible implementation of social democratic governance models

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Upcoming Events

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Sep 23, 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm
March for Civility

Description: The Washington D.C.

Washington, District of Columbia, 
Lincoln Memorial
Nov 27, 2017 to Dec 14, 2017 Save the Date to Save Net Neutrality

Your internet connection might slow down after December 14th.

Online Event
Nov 30, 2017 Stop The Trump Tax Scam: Call key Senate Republicans

Donald Trump desperately wants his first legislative victory to be a giant tax giveaway to huge c

Online Event/Phone Event

Current News

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Oct 29, 2017China Rising Over America China’s Rise, America’s Fall

Will the rise of China mean the fall of America? In a word, yes. Although decline might be more accurate.

Member Events

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Aug 24, 2017 Independence Women’s Huddle & URI Cooperation Circle

First We Marched
Now We Huddle

On January 21, 2017, the world co-created the largest protest in human history. Millions of people around the world marched to reinforce inalienable human rights: freedom, justice, diversity, solidarity.

But the Women’s March was just the beginning. Now the real work starts, with a special focus in our own Community … and beyond.

To build on the momentum of the Women’s March, its organizers have armed us with the resources needed to gather together in our neighborhoods and define next steps for activism and resistance.

Please Join Us!

Three local groups have unified and answered the call of advocacy to coordinate future efforts that are now urgent given our current political climate.

Over 5,000 Huddles have registered through the Women’s March in the United States and beyond. Grayson County Sewing & Resistance Society is a local group concerned about the state of our nation. URI has over 800 Cooperation Circles around the globe to address the most pressing issues facing the world and local communities.