Sector 8: Food, Water & Environment

The Food, Water & Environment Sector focuses on the reality that we are undergoing the “Sixth Great Extinction,” due to massive Earth Changes of both cyclical and man-made origins. As a result, thought-leaders in this Sector research and introduce novel approaches to preserving our natural resources: potable water, oceans and rivers, forests and wetlands, and the wildlife that lives in each of these interdependent eco-systems. This Sector also promotes appropriate production of food sources, including the latest research on organic farming, permaculture, and ethical livestock management.

Upcoming HUB-Featured Events

Kogi Wed Sep 05, 2018 to Thu Sep 06, 2018
Original Caretakers Ceremonial Visit
Independence, VA

The Oracle Institute is hosting the first leg of the North America “Original Caretakers Ceremonial Visit,” which will be led by Kogi Mamos from Colombia and Otomi Shamans from Mexico.

Sat Sep 08, 2018
Rise for Climate

On September 8, we’re planning thousands of rallies in cities and towns around the world to demand our local leaders commit to building a fossil free world that puts people and justice before profi

Sector News and HUB VLOGS

Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Clare Dubois
May 08, 2018

Food, Water & Environment and Spirituality & Religion Sectors: Embracing Life through the Forest and the Femi

VLOG Subject: Clare Dubois

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
VLOG Date: 05/08/18
March Environmental Organizations Continue to Ignore War
Apr 19, 2018

VLOG Date: 04/19/18
Film Watch this film about Fossil Free battles in the Philippines, Brazil, and US.
Apr 10, 2018

VLOG Date: 04/10/18
Lauren Singer This Woman Easily Lives a Zero-Waste Lifestyle –and She Believes You Can Too
Apr 05, 2018

VLOG Date: 04/05/18

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