The World Constitution and Parliament Association in India A Newsletter from Dr. Glen T. Martin

The World Constitution and Parliament Association in India A Newsletter from Dr. Glen T. Martin


World Constitution and Parliament Association members and chapters around the globe support the Earth Constitution first and foremost. It is important that the Constitution become as widely known and studied as possible. We need to look at why, and I will write about this in a future newsletter. Here, I want to especially talk about WCPA in India.

WCPA has several projects going on in India at the moment. Since India represents one seventh of the world’s population, and since WCPA history in India goes all the way back to the 1960s, this fact becomes very important. Please see the rapidly developing website coming from the Bangalore WCPA Team: If you are under 30, from southeast Asia, and would like to contribute to the “Youth Corner” blog on this website, please do so. This website is a new addition to our India presence, largely thanks to P. Narasimha Murthy, who is also our Communications Coordinator for India.

Second we are working to get WCPA recognized as an official organization by the central government in Delhi. Our dedicated Vice-President Amit Paul is there leading on the paperwork, and many other activities, while prominent WCPA members from different cities attempt to explain our work to their contacts in New Delhi in order to speed the process to completion. Once approved in India, WCPA will be able to open bank accounts there and conduct internal business more efficiently. (At the 3rd Annual WCPA Conference in India last December, P. Narasimha Murthy and Amit Paul were the two highly esteemed recipients of WCPA Global Peace Awards.)

Third, we are working to activate and coordinate WCPA chapters and membership around India. We have chapters in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Assam, and possibly West Bengal. There may soon be a chapter in Mumbai where Dr. Sudhir Tare has waged a vigorous campaign to spread awareness of the Earth Constitution as in the following photo. He has had innumerable photos taken of people holding up an enlarged copy of the Pocket Edition of the Constitution. This is something we should all consider doing.

In Chennai, Professor Ananthanarayanan continues an ambitious drive to expand that chapter and to register members on our website. The questions we are asking are: What are the activities of these chapters? Have their members signed up for WCPA membership on the web site? What activities have they engaged in? Who are the officers and where are the membership lists? We would like to post such information on the website.

Fourth, we are working to activate, on a permanent basis, the new WCPA Global Communication Center by hiring someone full time to use digital media to promote worldwide awareness of our work. Such a person would be using social media to get the word out worldwide about the Earth Constitution. Swami Agnivesh generously provided space for the center at his New Delhi offices, and a couple of people began work and then had to leave for one reason or another. We are still hoping to make it happen, but financial difficulties remain an impediment to hiring and adequately paying staff for the Center.

Fifth, there is interest in India for activating branches of the new World Parliament University on-line. We have begun the website here in the US, but, once fully in operation, we expect to have branches in Guwahati with President of the Northeast India Chapter, Deepak Kumar Baruah, and in Bangalore with E.P. Menon and P. Narasimha Murthy. Perhaps in other places as well. The website for the WPU is Our first instructor as well as development coordinator for the University will be WCPA Secretary General Dr. Eugenia Almand. The Institute for World Problems that works with WCPA has recently changed its name to “Earth Federation Institute.” The WPU will be a brand name for the Earth Federation Institute. It will be non-profit across the board, coordinating with WCPA in offering courses, certificates, and degrees from the World Parliament University.

Sixth, we are exploring our options for holding the 15th session of the Provisional World Parliament somewhere in India. As you know, a number of the sessions of the PWP have already been in India, including the Second Session in 1985 that opened at the Constitution Club in New Delhi (where the Constitution of India had been signed) by then President of India Zail Singh and was presided over by the then speaker of the Lok Sabba, Honorable Bal Ram Jakhar. If the next session of the PWP is to be done right we would like:

Support from or participation by the government of India
A prestigious venue and an itinerary not overshadowed by any competing events.
Significant press coverage for this world-historical event.
Wide international participation with delegates attending from many countries.

Given the many threats to human civilization everywhere on Earth today, it is high time that the people of Earth began getting together to do more serious planning for the future under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. That is what these sessions of the PWP do. But we cannot meet unless the significance of what we are doing is recognized by our hosts or sponsors. India is a great venue for this for many reasons, so we continue to explore our options with the help of our many prominent and thoughtful India supporters.

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