Stop The Trump Tax Scam: Call key Senate Republicans

Nov 30, 2017
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Stop The Trump Tax Scam: Call key Senate Republicans

Donald Trump desperately wants his first legislative victory to be a giant tax giveaway to huge corporations and the wealthiest Americans. With enough pressure key Republicans in the Senate can stop his plan to slash the corporate tax rate while raising taxes on seniors and working families. Can you make a call today?


Hi, my name is _____, and I’m calling to tell the senator that I am outraged by vote to advance the Trump Tax Scam and demand the senator oppose the legislation that gives ultra-wealthy and big corporations huge giveaways.

Big corporations already dodge taxes by hiding profits offshore. The Trump tax plan would slash spending on important social safety net programs while giving Trump and his wealthy friends a huge tax cut.

Can I count on the Senator to stand up to Trump and big corporations and instead force corporations and the ultra wealthy to finally pay their fair share and protect the social safety net for Americans like me?

Thank you for your time.