Mindful Kids Peace Summit

Feb 11, 2019 to Feb 15, 2019
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Peacebuilding & Relations
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Mindful Kids Peace Summit

Welcome to the first international Mindful Kids Peace Summit. The idea for this summit came because Adam was concerned about the violence in the world, and he wanted to help kids learn to live in health and wellness, and peace and positivity, so that they can grow up to live healthier and happier lives.

The statistics for the number of tweens and teens experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, bullying, suicide, and homicide have risen greatly in the past few years, and some kids may think there is nothing they can do about it. But there is. Science has shown that mindfulness tools can help kids to learn better ways to cope with emotions or deal with stress as they grow up, and hopefully they will be happier teenagers and more peaceful adults. These tools can also help you do better in school, and make a positive impact on the world as well.

The Mindful Kids Peace Summit, the first of its kind geared to tweens and teens and their teachers and parents, and shown as part of the curriculum in schools across the globe, will allow kids to hear from pioneers in the industry, who will share different techniques to navigate through and process emotions and stress.

At this Summit, you will watch interviews with more than 50 experts, and motivational speeches from celebrities and professional athletes. You will also see demonstrations that you can try at home, in school, and with your parents, teachers, and friends.

Topics that will be covered include anything in the mindfulness area, such as mindfulness, positive thinking, kindness, peace, yoga and mindful movement, breath work, communication, diversity, inclusion, gratitude, social emotional learning, and so much more. It is all so important, especially with everything going on in the world right now.

We must all come together in order to stop the violence and make a positive impact. Just as reading and math are mandatory parts of curriculum, we believe so too should mindfulness be incorporated into education. Our vision is to build momentum so that all schools across the country and internationally attend the Summit each year at the same time as part of the curriculum.

Talking points and materials will be distributed to schools that attend, so that the teachers can plan discussions around the daily summit segments, and kids will be awarded service points for attending via an attendance certificate that we will provide to the school. Further details will be sent by email after registration on how teachers can support students to receive a certificate.

We hope you will join us on this magnificent mindful journey of peace.