March On's #WeekendOfWomen!

Jan 20, 2018 to Jan 21, 2018
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Justice & Governance
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Peacebuilding & Relations
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March On's #WeekendOfWomen!

It's the holidays, but women across the country are not just wrapping gifts, lighting candles, setting up Festivus poles, sharing libations, and sipping eggnog. We continue to do the hard work necessary to reclaim our country. We well remember that stinging feeling of last November when our country delivered a truly shocking outcome at the ballot box.

But we also remember the power and determination we felt when--5 million strong--we marched in Washington DC and all across the country on January 21st. On that historic day, we knew in our hearts that women would be the key to reversing the harm and putting America back on the road to progress and equality.

Fast forward to November of this year, when women, led by America's most potent and underappreciated voting bloc--black women--stormed Virginia and delivered a wave of blue legislative seats... and to just a couple weeks ago, when we did it again in Alabama, shutting down Roy Moore and keeping an alleged pedophile out of the Senate. Women know that if we want better laws, that starts with electing better lawmakers--and that's exactly what we're going to do.

So mark January 20-21 on your calendars because we are kicking off 2018 with March On's #WeekendOfWomen!

Our message is simple. 2018 Elections: we're coming for you. We are going to redefine #winning on a scale never before seen with our March On The Polls 2018 Election program.

#WeekendOfWomen will be chock full of ways you can participate as we show the world what we think of the regressive policies and divisive rhetoric we've been seeing out of Washington.

J20-21 Anniversary Actions: Wow. 185+ Anniversary Actions have already been posted on our map! Find the nearest one and make plans now to attend with all your friends. Don't see an event near you? Organize one! We are going to prove the depth and breadth of our women-powered marchroots movement with this impressive nationwide display of our strength.

Operation Marching Orders (OMO): We are kicking off a program central to our philosophy at March On: giving you, the marchroots, the power to frame our agenda and give March On--and by extension, our elected officials--"marching orders" about which issues and values are worth fighting for. This is Phase I of Operation Marching Orders: Crowdsourcing our Agenda. Stay tuned for more details about participating in OMO, including how you can host your own Operation Marching Orders Party!

2018 is going to be HUGE (yes, we're reclaiming that, too!). And what better way to send that message loud and clear than by celebrating with a spectacular #WeekendOfWomen. Mark your calendars and get ready to work in 2018 for a better America.