Intent & Action: How to Create the Daring Paradigm of Compassion

Oct 16, 2017
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Intent & Action: How to Create the Daring Paradigm of Compassion

How do we move through polarization and into authentic compassionate connection? It doesn’t begin “out there” with others. It begins internally with a change in our self — by consciously connecting our intent to our compassionate action. This five week course uses the metaphor of the bridge to

-Shift your paradigm to engaged compassion
-Challenge your judgments, assumptions, and beliefs
-Identify what stops you from practicing compassion
-Turn your reactions into compassionate responses
-Reflect your intent to be compassionate in your actions
-Make compassion your lived experience
-Share your daring paradigm shift with others

Over the course of five weeks,

-Live a new, daring paradigm of compassion by strengthening your bridge from intent to action
-Increase compassionate responses through the practice of mindful awareness
-Limit the negative impact of your actions by integrating three foundational awarenesses: cause no harm, alleviate suffering, and take life as it is, into your lived experience
-Recognize the triggers that cause reactions and lessen the hurt that results from reactions
-Reduce compassion fatigue by re-patterning reactions into compassionate response
-Become more mindfully aware through a routine of formal, informal, and spontaneous contemplative practice
-Increase your compassionate action by being present, understanding yourself, living with curious daring, taking an intentional look at your life
-Increase your lived experience of compassion by creating and maintaining a bridge of your intent and action