Inspiring Positive Social Change: Cutting Edge Insights from Spirituality, Neuroscience & Peacebuilding

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Spirituality & Religion
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Peacebuilding & Relations
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Science & Technology

It can be discouraging, even heartbreaking, to hear of tragedies and violence happening in all corners of the world. Witnessing racism, corruption, environmental destruction and human rights abuses in the media — or first-hand — can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about what you can do to create real, lasting change.

And it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there's also a parallel narrative emerging...

This parallel story is an exciting merging of spirituality, neuroscience and peacebuilding with innovative solutions expanding across the globe.

Through these efforts, a new path forward is being revealed... one that embraces the spiritual dimensions, as well as grounded, practical actions that can transform difficult situations locally and globally.

Now YOU have the opportunity to join this rising tide of change agents and deepen your activism through your spiritual practice — and deepen your spiritual practice through your activism! Plus, you can learn how neuroscience is helping peacebuilders and spiritual practitioners understand the mechanics behind true personal and social transformation.

Inspiring Positive Social Change, taking place July 11-September 5, will feature passionate and inspiring leaders in the important fields of spirituality, neuroscience, peacebuilding, compassion and peace education. They’ll provide insights and skills that can be applied to your daily life — in your family, friendships, business partnerships and service in the world.

Inspiring Positive Social Change shines a light on practical, effective and inspiring ways you can BE peace and promote change in your life.

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Tue, 07/11/2017 to Tue, 09/05/2017
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