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Peace Pentagon HUB volunteers produce interviews with thought leaders and futurists in each Sector of Society. Below are cutting-edge conversations with change makers who are building the new world! You'll also find thoughtful discussions of current issues in our HUB Blogs.

HUB Video Logs

Cheri Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Cheri Honkala

Peacebuilding & Relations and Justice & Governance Sectors: Woman Warrior Retreat

Interviewee: Cheri Honkala

Interviewer: Laura George
May 23, 2019
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Judy Seay

Justice & Governance Sector: The Equal Rights Amendment

Interviewee: Judy Seay

Interviewer: Katie Kennedy
Jan 22, 2019
Weomen's Retreat Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Laurel Snyder & Ashera Rose

Religion & Spirituality Sector: Women's Vision Quest Retreat

Interviewee: Laurel Snyder & Ashera Rose

Interviewer: Laura George
Oct 03, 2018

Justice & Governance Sector: Democracy Spring

Interviewee: Renaldo Pearson

Interviewer: Bob Warner
Jul 25, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Clare Dubois

Food, Water & Environment and Spirituality & Religion Sectors: Embracing Life through the Forest and the Femi

Interviewee: Clare Dubois

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
May 08, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Karen Everett

Communications & Media Sector: Conscious Film-making

Interviewee: Karen Everett

Interviewer: Bob Warner
Apr 26, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Tim Ryan

Health & Wellness Sector: Mindfulness and A Mindful Nation

Interviewee: Tim Ryan

Interviewer: Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel
Apr 19, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview - David Cobb

Economics & Business Sector: An Economic Solution

Interviewee: David Cobb

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
Apr 03, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Shama Viola

Micro-Communities & Retreat Centers: Damanhur

Interviewee: Shama Viola

Interviewer: Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel
Mar 27, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Glen T. Martin

Justice & Governance Sector: The Earth Federation Movement

Interviewee: Glen T. Martin

Interviewer: Laura George
Mar 22, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Joseph Rosado

Micro-Communities & Retreat Centers: Milagro World Center

Interviewee: Joseph Rosado

Interviewer: Bob Warner
Mar 09, 2018
David Cobb Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: David Cobb

Justice & Governance Sector: The Green Party

Interviewee: David Cobb

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
Feb 23, 2018

HUB Vlog/Blog Team

Rev. Laura M. George
Rev. Laura M. George
Olivia Parr-Rudd, M.S.
Olivia Parr-Rudd, M.S.
Lee Anne Heltzel
Lee Anne Heltzel
Eric Stetson
Eric Stetson
Noel Marshall & Bob Warner
Noel Marshall &
Bob Warner