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Peace Pentagon HUB volunteers produce interviews with thought leaders and futurists in each Sector of Society. Below are cutting-edge conversations with change makers who are building the new world! You'll also find thoughtful discussions of current issues in our HUB Blogs.

HUB Video Logs

Peace Pentagon HUB Recap: Climate Strike

Stacy Bannerman recaps the global Climate Strike and our participation in Winston Salem.

Interviewer: Stacy Bannerman
Oct 07, 2019
Conscious Business Zone with Laura George

Spirituality & Religion, Peacebuilding & Relations, and Micro-Communities Sectors:

Interviewee: Laura George

Interviewer: Kathy Mason
Sep 18, 2019
Cheri Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Cheri Honkala

Peacebuilding & Relations and Justice & Governance Sectors: Woman Warrior Retreat

Interviewee: Cheri Honkala

Interviewer: Laura George
May 23, 2019
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Judy Seay

Justice & Governance Sector: The Equal Rights Amendment

Interviewee: Judy Seay

Interviewer: Katie Kennedy
Jan 22, 2019
Weomen's Retreat Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Laurel Snyder & Ashera Rose

Religion & Spirituality Sector: Women's Vision Quest Retreat

Interviewee: Laurel Snyder & Ashera Rose

Interviewer: Laura George
Oct 03, 2018

Justice & Governance Sector: Democracy Spring

Interviewee: Renaldo Pearson

Interviewer: Bob Warner
Jul 25, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Clare Dubois

Food, Water & Environment and Spirituality & Religion Sectors: Embracing Life through the Forest and the Femi

Interviewee: Clare Dubois

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
May 08, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Karen Everett

Communications & Media Sector: Conscious Film-making

Interviewee: Karen Everett

Interviewer: Bob Warner
Apr 26, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Tim Ryan

Health & Wellness Sector: Mindfulness and A Mindful Nation

Interviewee: Tim Ryan

Interviewer: Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel
Apr 19, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview - David Cobb

Economics & Business Sector: An Economic Solution

Interviewee: David Cobb

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
Apr 03, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Shama Viola

Micro-Communities & Retreat Centers: Damanhur

Interviewee: Shama Viola

Interviewer: Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel
Mar 27, 2018
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Glen T. Martin

Justice & Governance Sector: The Earth Federation Movement

Interviewee: Glen T. Martin

Interviewer: Laura George
Mar 22, 2018

HUB Vlog/Blog Team

Rev. Laura M. George
Rev. Laura M. George
Olivia Parr-Rudd, M.S.
Olivia Parr-Rudd, M.S.
Lee Anne Heltzel
Lee Anne Heltzel
Eric Stetson
Eric Stetson
Noel Marshall & Bob Warner
Noel Marshall &
Bob Warner