Sector 2: Communications & Media

The Communications & Media Sector focuses on both traditional and emerging multi-media platforms, including: radio, television, internet news outlets, social media sites, publishing, storytelling, virtual reality games, and educational tools. This Sector also analyzes WHAT news is shared, recognizing that many people still get their information from a monopoly of media conglomerates that intentionally spread fear-based content. To counter this restrictive and negative trend, the Virginia HUB will highlight inspirational news which assists HUB Members in building the New World.

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Sector News and HUB VLOGS

The Complicated Relationship Between Outrage, Virtue Signaling, and Real Social Change
Apr 08, 2019

VLOG Date: 04/08/19
Internet providers are joining Trump’s DOJ in suing California over net neutrality
Oct 06, 2018

VLOG Date: 10/06/18
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Karen Everett
Apr 26, 2018

Communications & Media Sector: Conscious Film-making

VLOG Subject: Karen Everett

Interviewer: Bob Warner
VLOG Date: 04/26/18

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