Building the New World 2020: From Personal to Global Transformation

Many people believe it is no longer feasible to reform our institutions, due to political corruption, corporate greed, and cultural decay.

Rather than waste time attempting to rehabilitate our broken institutions, this conference will focus on a complete transformation of interconnected systems - in every Sector of Society.

We believe that in order to Build the New World, humanity must quickly shift from:

  • Imperialism to Social Democracy
  • Materialism to Altruism
  • Debt-based Money to Universal Basic Income
  • A global War System to a worldwide Culture of Peace
  • Unsustainable Environmental Destruction to Resilient Organic Networks, and
  • Religious Separation to the redeeming state of Spiritual Unity.

In sum, we must collectively move from fragmentation to holism … and fast!

BTNW 2020 sessions will be led by Futurists and Social Architects in every Sector of Society - a systems theory model inspired by visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. Attendees from around the world will network and be empowered to manifest the New World we seek – a world that works for EVERYONE. Join people of good conscience and positive ACTION to learn how YOU can help bring about the needed Paradigm Shift.

BTNW 2020 Schedule and Presenters

International Peace Weekend Launch & Keynote Speakers
Sat 9/19 5:00 pm EST Keynote Speaker:
    Host: Rev. Laura George, J.D. The Oracle Institute, Peace Pentagon HUB, Valley of Light Micro-Community
    Meet the BTNW 2020 Speakers  
Sector 1: Learning & Education
Sun 9/20 1:00 pm EST    
  5:00 pm EST Ozimona Egonwu
Mark Donahue
Singularity University & Burnbright Lifeworks
Life Guides
Sector 2: Communications & Media
Wed 9/23 1:00 pm EST Stephen Dynako Social Chrysalis
  5:00 pm EST    
Sector 3: Art & Culture
Sun 9/27 1:00 pm EST
5:00 pm EST Alex & Allyson Grey CoSM
Sector 4: Economics & Business
Wed 9/30 1:00 pm EST Eric Stetson Hedge for Humanity
  5:00 pm EST    
Sector 5: Peacebuilding & Relations
Sun 10/4 1:00 pm EST
  5:00 pm EST Paul Chappell Nuclear Age Peace Foundation & Peace Literacy Institute
Sector 6: Justice & Governance
Wed 10/7 11:00 am EST
8:30 pm in India
E.P. Menon World Constitution & Parliament Association
5:00 pm EST Glen Martin, Ph.D. Earth Constitution Institute
Sector 7: Health & Wellness
Sun 10/11 1:00 pm EST
  5:00 pm EST    
Sector 8: Food, Water & Environment
Wed 10/14 11:00 am EST
8:30 pm in India
Satya Sundar Bhattacharya, Ph.D Department of Environmental Science
Tezpur University, India
  5:00 pm EST    
Sector 9: Infrastructure & Resources
Sun 10/18 1:00 pm EST
  5:00 pm EST    
Sector 10: Science & Technoloty
Wed 10/21 1:00 pm EST Adam Stallard Bright ID
  5:00 pm EST    
Sector 11: Spirituality & Religion
Sun 10/25 11:00 am EST
8:30 pm in India
Swami Agnivesh (8:30 pm in India Inter Council on Environmental Economics & Develop
  5:00 pm EST Rev. Ken Kitatani
Kurt Johnson, Ph.D.
International Council on Environmental Economics & Development
Light On Light Magazine & The Interspiritual Network
Indigenous Cultures & Micro-Communities
Wed 10/28 1:00 pm EST Shama Viola & Barys Setna Bernini Federation of Damanhur
  5:00 pm EST Mindahi Bastida, Ph.D. Center for Earth Ethics & Otomi-Toltec Regional Council in Mexico
LIVE Concluding Roundtable Discussions
Sat 10/31 5:00 pm EST
Sun 11/1 5:00 pm EST    

Event Details

Live (virtual) Presentations - All BTNW 2020 presentations will be broadcast LIVE, and there will be time for Q&A and networking at the end of each presentation.

Replay of Missed Sessions - If you cannot make a scheduled presentation, we will provide access to a recording of the event.

Peace Weekend Launch - The launch of BTNW 2020 also will be LIVE (but with no Q&A), and it also will be taped for attendees

Closing Roundtable Discussions - BTNW 2020 will end with two “FUTURIST” roundtable discussions amongst our panelists. After these experts field questions prepared by BTNW staff, there will be a Q&A period for attendees

Event Cost - Regular Price: $100 (US) * Early Bird Price: $75 (US) * Student/Subsidized Price: $25 (US). Register below:

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