The First HUB on the Wheel of Co-Creation

The Peace Pentagon HUB is a networking tool hosted by The Oracle Institute at the Peace Pentagon in Independence, Virginia. The HUB is based on the “Wheel of Co-Creation,” which contains 11 Sectors of Society and a 12th Sector for Micro-Communities and Retreat Centers. The HUB serves as a strategic center for scanning, mapping, and connecting what is emerging in each of the Wheel’s Sectors in order to facilitate building the world we seek – a New World based on compassion and cooperation.

Why Progressives Need a HUB

HUBs are popping up all over the world, to connect millions of people who wish to manifest a New World. The Peace Pentagon HUB is based on the premise that in order to build the New World, humanity must quickly shift from imperialism to social democracy, from materialism to altruism, from a global war-system to a worldwide peace-system, from unsustainable environmental destruction to resilient organic networks, and from religious separation to the redeeming state of spiritual unity. In sum, we must collectively move from fragmentation to holism . . . and fast!

Peace Pentagon HUB Goal: 500 Members by the end of 2016

During the first stage of development, the HUB will function as a directory of people with evolutionary ideas and organizations with ground-breaking initiatives in each Sector of the Wheel. The HUB was launched on the 4th of July 2016 – Independence Day! To celebrate the launch, Oracle held an Open House at the Peace Pentagon, at which time we began to register HUB Members and raise tax-deductible donations to complete construction of the Peace Pentagon.

During the second stage of development, powerful software will enable the HUB to operate as a multi-media platform for coordination and collaboration among all HUB Members. The HUB also will alert Members to major events in each Sector of the Wheel so that we may come together – as an “Army of Activists” – and make our voices heard Nationwide!

When completed, the Peace Pentagon HUB will be networked with HUBs around the world!

“Do You Want a New World?”
Our HUB Theme Song

Written and Performed by Lea Morris
Recorded at the 2015 Building the New World Conference

Virginia HUB Co-Sponsors

Oracle Institute
One Heart
Women of Wisdom
World Parliament
Awareness Magazine
Unity of Charlottesville
Citizens Climate lobby

National HUB Co-Sponsors

Center for Conscious Evolution
SC Parliament of World Religions

Global HUB Co-Sponsors