The Peace Pentagon

The first HUB on the “Wheel of Co-Creation”

The Peace Pentagon is the first HUB on the Wheel of Co-Creation designed by Barbara Marx Hubbard. The HUB serves as a strategic center for scanning, mapping, and networking what is emergent in each Sector of the Wheel.

When the Wheel of Co-creation is fully activated, we will see the new world that is already arising in our midst. It will offer us a coherent picture of humanity as well as our whole planetary system as a living organism. It will tell us where the problems are, who is working to solve them, and where we can find the needed innovations – all organic elements of a living, holistic system of relationships. It will provide the "new" news of who we are becoming in such a way as to continually activate our potential to participate.

~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Peace Pentagon also is the "heart" of The Oracle Institute Campus and the Valley of Light micro-community – a serene and holistic environment for Sector meetings, training workshops, and retreats. Think of it as "Camp Eve."

Just as Camp David serves as a secure and private venue for meetings amongst Heads of State;
So will Camp Eve serve as an inspiring venue for strategic meetings amongst Heads of Sectors.

Oracle’s Headquarters along the New River

Peace Pentagon Front View 6/5/2015
Front View
Peace Pentagon Back View 6/5/2015
Back View