The Peace Pentagon is a conference and training center for Progressive Programs.
The Peace Pentagon HUB is a web directory and synergistic platform for Sacred Activism.

  • Pic 1 - Peace Pentagon
  • Pic 2 - Medicine Wheel Peace Ceremony
  • Pic 3 - New River & Guest House
  • Pic 4 - Peace Quilt Interfaith speakers
  • Pic 5 - Oracle Community

HUB Design and Navigation

The HUB incorporates Systems Theory Design, and it scans, maps, connects, and communicates important updates in each Sector of Society. The Sector Events and News portal highlights evolutionary initiatives in each Sector and critical action events in and around the Nation’s Capital. In addition, HUB Members can post and promote their own Member Events which are open to the public.

Sectors of Society

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard at
Speaking at the Peace Pentagon

Join the HUB and Meet Your Peers!

HUBs are popping up all over the world to connect the millions of people who share pluralistic and progressive values. But time is of the essence – we need to organize quickly in order to address the many unprecedented challenges facing humanity. Join the HUB and become a Member of an action-oriented community of visionary people and evolutionary organizations. The Member Menu lists the features and benefits of membership.

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