The Peace Pentagon is a conference and training center for Pluralistic and Progressive Programs. The Peace Pentagon HUB is a web directory and synergistic platform for Sacred Activism.

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  • Pic 2 - Medicine Wheel Peace Ceremony
  • Pic 3 - New River & Guest House
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Strategic Planning & Sacred Activism

The Peace Pentagon is the "HEART” of the Oracle Institute campus in the New River Valley. It serves as a retreat center for guests who attend our educational programs, a laboratory for organizing peacebuilding campaigns, and the Valley of Light community center.

The Peace Pentagon also is a virtual “HUB” for sacred activism in and around our Nation’s capital. The HUB serves as a portal for posting action events and critical news, and it is managed by volunteers who scan, map, and connect what is emerging in each Sector of Society.

Virginia Has TWO Pentagons

Peace pentagon - New River View

Peace Pentagon – New River View

In the north, the War Pentagon sits on the Potomac River; while in the south, the Peace Pentagon rests along the New River – the oldest river in the western hemisphere.

The Peace Pentagon reminds people of good conscience that evolution favors freedom, justice, compassion, and peace. In this pristine environment, join visionaries and thoughtleaders and help build a better world!

War Pentagon

War Pentagon - Potomac River View

Help Shift the Paradigm

Slowly, a new paradigm is emerging, one based on cooperation, collaboration, and a culture of peace. This site is a database designed to increase awareness and connectivity in every Sector of Society. To get started, click on any Sector below that interests you. Welcome to the HUB!

Join the HUB and Meet Your Peers!

Join the HUB and become a Member of an action-oriented community of cultural creatives, visionary leaders, and breakthrough organizations. The HUB is a sortable database - like an "Angie's List" for social progressives.


The Become a Member page lists the features and benefits of membership. For example, HUB Members can post and promote their own Member Events which are open to the public. Join us at the Peace Pentagon and help build the new world!

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